ClassA Entertainment is an Alabama based, Independent Film Production company that develops, finances and produces feature film, shorts and documentaries. We are a family owned production company that began in 2012 with the production of our first short film Carolyn Somebody and our first feature Traces of Indignity, completing in 2018. We're creative, innovative and love to have fun! We write, direct, produce and share the opportunity to learn. 


HerVision Studios

As we enter into 2020, ClassA Entertainment will take on a full company Re-Brand! We are so excited about this endeavor! We've changed quite a bit over the years. We started out as a Casting Company under the name, Alabama Casting Services. I chose that name because we were an Alabama based extras casting company and I was very proud to have one of the very few casting companies in the state at that time. As we continued to grow, I decided to change the name as we moved over into film production. My husband decided on ClassA so I went with it. Well, here we are in 2019, about to enter into 2020 and I, as a Filmmaker, have grown tremendously and would finally like to take on a name and a brand that really represents ME and my Vision. So, HerVison Studios it is! This change will a be process, as we move forward and work under one brand. We will use HerVision Studios, in confunction with ClassA Entertainment over the next year. I am happy with this direction and after 2 attempts, HerVision Studios is here to stay! Stay tuned for updates!