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Frequently Asked Questions


I just finished my first screenplay and it's really good. Can I email it to you to review?

First off, many Congrats on completing your screenplay! This is a HUGE accomplishment! However, HerVision Studios does not accept unsolicited material. This is for your and our protection.


I am an actor. How can I register for available roles?

For available roles, click on the menu box at screen top right. Select the Casting option. On this page, you may select Casting Calls to find all available roles. Good Luck!


Is ClassA Entertainment the same company as HerVision Studios?

Yes. We are the same company. In 2018, we decided to re-brand and adopt a new name more fitting. You may still see ClassA Entertainment on our Marketing and Emails until the transition is complete.


I am interested in working on film sets. How can I sign up?

If you are new to filmmaking, we periodically accept applications for film internship. Please send us an email from our Contact Page and someone will get back to you. If you have experience, please email us your resume.


Where can I see your completed movies?

Our work can be purchased at Amazon, Netflix, Bestbuy,, Walmart and You may also view some of our short films here on our website for free.


What is an Extra?

Extras are people that are used in the background of movies, commercials, company videos, and music videos. They are used to create a more realistic environment in a non-speaking capacity. 


 Is there a fee to Register in your Casting Database?

NO! It is absolutely FREE to register. We have no fees and we do not require a percentage of your pay from booked jobs for external projects.


I am not a member of SAG, can I perform Union work or do I have to join SAG?

Yes, non-union performers may work on Union Projects, and no, you are not required to join SAG. Alabama is a 'Right to work' state, which means that if you are an employee in the state of Alabama, you can't be made, as a condition of employment, to join or not to join, or to pay dues to a labor union


Can I come to your film set to watch? I'd love to gain experience.

All of our film sets are closed for security purposes. If you are interested in working with us, you may email us using our Contact Form.

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